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School of The Scripture
School of the Scripture

The History of Sure Foundation Bible Church

24 Associate Ministers

12 Deacons

750 Members

We thank God for our leader, our under shepherd, who God has given many visions for this church.  The first phase of the Abraham Step has come to pass.  We are already worshiping at our new location, 900 N. Polk in De Soto, Texas.  We walk by faith and not by sight.

On January 6, 1989, Sure Foundation Baptist Church was officially organized.  As Rev. R. M. Robertson, Pastor of the Jordan Baptist Church presided over the meeting, the name, “Sure Foundation Baptist Church”, was accepted and Rev. Maurice Ricks was appointed as Pastor.

Sure Foundation Baptist Church held its first worship service on January 7, 1989 at the Lancaster/Kiest Shopping Center.  There were (6) members present.

On August 13, 1989, Sure Foundation was on the move.  This move resulted in a new location, Davis Funeral Home 3119 Lancaster Rd.  During this time, Rev. M. Johnson was ordained as the first minister, and his brother Rev. Paul Johnson was ordained as the first deacon.  Also, at this time a youth choir was organized as well as a missionary society.  A male chorus was started with only four (4) members.  If you want to hear this wonderful and dynamic male chorus sing praises to Zion , they take stage every second Sunday.

Are you ready? When God says move, you’ve got to move and move we did to 3200 Ramona Street on October 7, 1990.  Because of our obedience, God blessed our efforts with numerous ministries, men of God accepted their calling, deacons were ordained, and the Women Ensemble was organized. 

Have you enjoyed the journey so for? On February 6, 1994 we moved to 2946 Idaho Avenue which is our present location.  I can truthfully say that God is still in the blessing business.  We now have ten (10) Mission Churches, an Orientation Ministry, Midweek Service, Brotherhood, Women, Teen, Youth/Children Ministries, Evangelism, Music Ministry, Drama Ministries, a Tutoring Ministry, a Homework Enrichment Center (HEC), a Senior Adult Ministry, and a Bible Institute:  School of the Scripture, which was organized in February of 2001.  We also have four extension schools.

In September of 2001 God lead Pastor Ricks to change the name of the Sure Foundation Baptist Church to Sure Foundation Bible Church .  The church is a “Bible based” and “Bible believing” church.  

At the present, we have (20)Associate Ministers, (11) Deacons, and an Inspirational Sanctuary Choir, Male Chorus, M. Ricks Youth Choir, Praise Dancers and Praise Team that keep us all singing God’s praises.  We are blessed to have 604 members in our church family.

We thank God for our leader; our shepherd, whom God has given many visions for this church.  The new vision for 2009 is “Preparation.”  In 2009 we are “Preparing to Possess the Land.”  Two thousand and ten is “The Year of Possession.”  We are moving to De Soto , Texas by faith.


School of the Scripture is located on the campus of Sure Foundation Bible Church.

School of the ScriptureSchool of the Scripture Accredited Bible Institute

School of the Scripture is an institution with a Bible-based foundation that focuses on training and educating students to be prepared and prosperous in the work of all aspects of the ministry.


School of the Scripture is accredited through the Accrediting Commission International, Inc.  (ACI) Beebe , Arkansas , (501) 882-3361.

Administration of School of the Scripture

Chancellor ……………………………………Priscilla Ricks, PhD

President ……………………………………..Anthony Miller, PhD

Dean of Academic Affairs ..………………….Paul Johnson, PhD

Registrar.............................................................Pamela Miller

General Information  

Accreditation - www.accreditnow.com (501) 882-3361

School of the Scripture reserves the right to make changes to any policy or procedure when deemed necessary.
































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